Of May - EP

by Liam Walds

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released May 2, 2012



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Liam Walds Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: South Station
I'm not scared of anything, I'll ride this train alone
The others won't cooperate, have to go it on my own
I won't quit as I pull away from the platform here
Goodbye to you, Boston, see you in a couple years

I'm not scared of the future, no, I'll commit to the rest
I just have to ignore this beating in my chest
Just keep staring outside the window
Watching the moon in its waxing glow
Watching the trees flash against the skies
And how the track fleshes out before my eyes

And I'm headed westward
Track Name: Lot to Lose
Guess what's on my mind, guess
You're grinning like you know, guess
I know I could love you, less
But without you I'd feel so helpless

Wait, I fear that this is wrong
I don't want to lead you on
I have to come clean
I'll be fine but you

You've got a lot to lose, you know?

It's really something when we kiss
I'm always thinking about your kiss
I'm in a perfect state of bliss
I take your hand and it's bliss

Push and pull this doesn't seem right
Have I fallen too far from the light?
Have to come clean, I have to say it
I know I'll be fine but you

You've got a lot to lose, you know?
Track Name: Time, You've Been Good to Me
I woke up this morning, and the sun singed my soul
I had lost the night, everything I had
I sat 'round a table, played drinking games with my best friends
Everything was perfect; I couldn't help laughing
I couldn't help crying

I woke up this morning, and the sun tore a hole
Stole away the night; it was all I had
We just talked for hours, told funny stories from childhood
Everything was still; I couldn't slow it down
I couldn't make it stop

It's slipping away, it's going too fast
It's not enough to say that good things never last
I'm losing everybody, we're all drifting apart
Can I live like this forever?
Can I go back to the start?
And when this little life of mine is
Going so well, would I want to be
Anywhere else?

No way in hell.

Time, you've been good to me
Can you stay a little while?
Please, don't leave me spinning
Out here, you're all I have.